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Apr. 9th, 2011

Junhyung sneered at the TV. Why the hell did Kikwang get to appear on TV shows so much? It was completely unfair. Junhyung wasn't that busy. With the six of them all doing their own stuff now, all he had to do was write raps. And raps he could write anywhere. So why didn't they put him on variety shows?

He could almost hear Yoseob's mocking voice as if his boyfriend was just next to him. "It's because of your face, Junhyung-ah. You don't just scare children, you know. Smile a little more."

Junhyung could feel the corners of his lips quirking up of their own accord before he stopped himself.

Anyway, as he was saying, it was completely unfair for Kikwang to get so much screen time.

But anybody could tell you it wasn't that Junhyung was jealous of Kikwang's screen time. He was just upset over one particular episode of one particular variety show.

Junhyung snorted as Kikwang showed Yoseob up again in Oh! My School. He didn't even dance that well. Junhyung and Hyunseung would have beaten him any day.

And Junhyung thought Yoseob was way cuter, especially in that baggy vest. Of course, if he'd done it shirtless...

Junhyung smirked.

He managed to drift off a little after that because the attention was off Yoseob's and Kikwang's rivalry.

And then promptly snapped back to life when they said "Yoseob" and "abs" in the same sentence.

"What the fuck?" Junhyung muttered when Gyeongrim and Shinyoung urged Yoseob to show his abs.

Then, "Who the hell do they think they are?" when the rest of the class joined in the cheering.

Junhyung didn't look away as Yoseob demanded the class not to cheer louder for Kikwang.

He almost had a nosebleed as Yosesob covered his abs with a hand when he pulled up his shirt a tiny bit. That was oddly sexier than seeing the whole of him naked.

When Yoseob flashed his abs, Junhyung slipped off the couch. He hadn't even noticed he'd edged to the corner of his seat just waiting for Yoseob to "SHOW ME YOUR ABS".

And then Kikwang showed his abs and everyone just screamed.

Junhyung sneered again.

Two words for Oh! My School. Un-sexy. Or 1 word. Unsexy. Un--- either way, Kikwang sucked.

Who was he to embarrass his Yoseob on national TV?

Just then, the main door opened and Yoseob stumbled in with Kikwang and Doojoon hot on his heels.

Junhyung shot up and pulled Yoseob into his arms, wrapping him protectively in his embrace and glaring at Kikwang.

Kikwang stopped dead, perfect smile dropping. "Uh... Hi, hyung. Whassup?"

Junhyung scowled deeply and Kikwang half-expected to be hit. Even Doojoon stepped up from behind.

But Junhyung just turned away and stalked into their bedroom, Yoseob's face still pressed into the side of his neck.

"What's wrong, babe?" Yoseob immediately asked, returning the hug, arms snaking around Junhyung's waist. Junhyung didn't know where to start or what to say.

"You rock, Kikwang sucks."?
"Your abs are sexier. Sexiest."?
"You don't need them to cheer for you to know you're the best."?

Junhyung settled for a, "You know I love you, right?"

He felt affronted when Yoseob snorted, "What?" His condescending smile softened when he realised Junhyung was serious.

"I love you too." A pause. "Wait a minute. Is this about Oh! My School?"

Junhyung thought it was scary how well Yoseob knew him sometimes. Then he thought it quite safe to voice the thought running at the back of his head.

"Kikwang sucks."

Yoseob howled with laughter.

Doojoon poked his head in from outside. "Everything okay?"

Yoseob nodded, still laughing, now with tears in his eyes and his hands on his knees.


"Yeah. Yeah, it's cool."

After Doojoon left, Junhyung had to wait a whole minute before Yoseob finally stopped laughing.

"Oh my goodness, Junhyung, what the hell?" Yoseob stepped back up to his boyfriend, arms returning to encircle Junhyung's waist.

"But I think he sucks too."

From outside, they heard Kikwang shout, "Hyung, they're talking bad about me!"

'Hmph. Serves him right.'

Yoseob plopped backwards onto the bed, pulling Junhyung with him.

"So... I'm better than Kikwang, huh?"

Junhyung pressed a hot kiss to Yoseob's neck, then another to his collarbone. "And everyone else. Don't ever doubt it."

"Then show me."

The next day, Kikwang, Doojoon, Hyunseung and Dongwoon would complain of having stiff necks and bad backs because they had had to sleep on the hard floor outside and Jiyong hyung would reprimand Junhyung and Yoseob and the stylist noona would scream at the some-red, some-purple marks horrendously splashed across Yoseob's stomach.

And Junhyung and Yoseob would share a smirk and a little stolen kiss behind that dusty rack of clothes.

Writer's Block: It's cold outside

I live in Minnesota, so it's funny to hear people in places like California complaining about the cold. What temperature is too cold for you?

Cold for me here in Singapore would be... 23-24 degrees celcius? Sucks. Haha.

Qmi as seen by Sungmin

Sungmin tsk-s as his well-manicured fingers tap away on the desk next to his laptop. This is disgusting. How could he—?

Sungmin tsk-s again, before shoving his chair back and padding to the kitchen to get a drink. Once settled against the counter with a glass of cold water in his hand, Sungmin’s fingers resume their rhythmic tapping on the countertop.

This is bad. Very bad. He couldn’t believe the maknae would do this to him. He thought they were friends! Apparently not, Sungmin scoffs.

An ignorant Hyukjae walks into the kitchen then, softly beat-boxing, one hand furiously tapping away on his iPhone. When he sees Sungmin, he gives a slight nod and retrieves his strawberry milk before starting to walk back out.

“Hyuk, hold on a minute!”

Said boy stops in his tracks, raising an eyebrow. “What’s up?”

“How did you feel, you know, when there was Kihae?”

Hyukjae may have choked on his own saliva, but with the way Sungmin is staring at him, he can only say, “Uh….”

Sungmin tsk-s again (it comes quite naturally), and urges the younger man on. “You know, like, ‘Why do they like Kihae and not Eunhae?’, or ‘Why does Kibum look so much better with Donghae than I do with him?’, or like, ‘Why the hell does Donghae seem to like Kibum more than he likes me?’”

Hyukjae can only stare.

Sungmin clears his throat. “You know, something like that.”

“Uh…” Hyukjae clears his throat as well. Sungmin’s eyebrow is threatening to take on the form of Shibrows, so Hyukjae hurriedly explains.

“There never was a Kihae, so, you know, I don’t feel bad or anything.” A shrug.

Sungmin’s frown grows deeper. “’There never was a Kihae.’ What bullshit is that? Kihae was one of the hottest couple!”

Hyukjae scrunches his nose a little. “Yeah, but not in real life. It’s almost been Eunhae.” Slight embarrassed cough.

Hyukjae is not prepared for Sungmin rushing over and having his biceps in a death grip.

Each word is punctuated with a rough shake of the poor boy.

“You. Stupid. Shit. It doesn’t matter what’s real or not. What matters is what. The fans. Want! Ugh!” Sungmin pushes Hyukjae away and leaves the kitchen in a whoosh of pink and indignance.

To say Hyukjae is disturbed is an understatement; he’s never seen his fun-loving hyung so wound up before.

He looks back down to his iPhone.

To Hae:
20-Aug-2010 16:42
‘I think min hyung is pms-ing. Hope you’re having it better than me’

It is less than a minute when his phone beeps with an incoming message.

From Hae:
20-Aug-2010 16:43
‘Well, kyu and zm are being disgusting again. At least no one’s crazy’


Sungmin is back at his desk, back in the same position (except now he has a sweating glass of water next to his tapping fingers), and glaring at the same page he’s being glaring at since before he went out to get his drink.

A video holds steed on the webpage. The text he’s read through, the video he’s glared through. He’s not happy.

What the fuck is Kyuhyun being so happy for? Laughing. Laughing. On stage. In front of a fuckload of fans.

It is the video of Kyuhyun laughing at Zhoumi’s voice crack.

Normally no one wants to be laughed at, but in this case, Sungmin does.

“WHY THE HELL DIDN’T HE DO THAT WITH ME?” Sungmin roars, and he thinks he hears a squeak outside his door, but ignores it to google ‘Qmi’.

What loads on the google image page enrages him. Pictures after pictures of smiling, laughing, playful Qmi.

After another 5 minutes of mentally ripping Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi to shreds, a knock on Sungmin’s door announces the arrival of Leader-sshi.

“Hyukjae says you’re scaring him. What’s wrong now, Min?”

Sungmin swivels around in his chair to pout at Leeteuk. “Hyuuuung, Kyuhyun smiles now! He never used to smile like that when he was with me!”

Leeteuk quirks an eyebrow, before settling himself on the edge of the bed. “You guys weren’t even together, Min-ah. What does it matter?”

“It matters because he looks so happy with Zhou Mi but he just, just… UGH!”

Sungmin would like to convey to Leeteuk how offended he is that Kyuhyun always had on a bored face and never really bothered with him in the past, even when Sungmin offered to play his stupid videogame with him. When Sungmin (or anybody, in fact) told him a joke, the most he would is was scoff or snort.

Sungmin would like to explain how Kyuhyun was never meant to look happy or laugh or smile. He was meant to look bored and irritated or smug, and if they stretched it, amused.

Kyuhyun was not supposed to be happy-happy.

“BUT LOOK AT THIS! THIS IS ATROCIOUS!” Sungmin roars, shaky finger pointing accusingly at the webpage.

Leeteuk scoots forward, squinting at the pictures. “Oh.”

It takes him a moment, but Leeteuk continues. “Oh, oh hey, this reminds me.”

He gets up and drags the other chair over, pushing Sungmin away to take base in front of the computer.

His fingers fly over the keyboard and pretty soon he is loading a video of—

“Is that Kyuhyun? Looking at Zhou Mi? LIKE A LOVESICK FOOL!?”

Leeteuk starts a little at Sungmin’s next outburst, before frowning and shushing the younger man.

“I’ve been wanting to watch this ever since Hyukjae told me about it. Good, Kyu looks like he’s having fun.”

Sungmin can only tear in the background as his unfeeling leader plays video after video of Kyuhyun and Zhou Mi sharing glances.


Kyuhyun is surprised to receive almost three messages simultaneously.

From: Leeteuk
20-Aug-2010 17:03
‘Keep that smile on your face. Hyung loves you! ^^’

From: Sungmin
20-Aug-2010 17:03
‘I hate you. How could you do this to me. >:(‘

From: Mi
20-Aug-2010 17:04
‘Manager hyung is snoring too loud again. :( Miss you’

Kyuhyun rolls his eyes and deletes the first two before setting his phone back on his bed.


I think this was supposed to be longer, but I forgot about it (hehehe), then figured it sounds final like that anyway.

Oct. 21st, 2010

SuShow3 tickets gonna be on sale!

i cannot wait. :D michelle and i are getting ready to standby at the computer to buy the more expensive tickets.

but wtf, only 5000 tickets, how sick is that. i really really hope it's enough to cover us all.

because no elf deserves to miss out on their concert. finally. in singapore.


my loves

i shall list my loves here, for it makes me feel good.

in no particular order (not really),
1. super junior
2. eunhyuk
3. leeteuk
4. eunhae
5. b2st
6. junhyung
7. yoseob
8. kikwang
9. junseob
10. big bang
11. g-top
12. g-dragon
13. kim bum
14. kim hyun joong
15. kim so eun
16. lee minho
17. lee boram
18. seon mi

maybe listing all these will kick start my blogging urges.


Happy 24th birthday, Hyuk! 040410

Happy 24th birthday, Hyukkie!

This is the third birthday I'm spending with you, and since third is my birthday, I've decided to write you a story and bond you and Hae together!


Being in a Korean band was not easy. And as Eunhyuk turned 24 today, he could list the top two shitty reasons for you.


  1. No freedom
  2. No sex


Of course, when Eunhyuk finally debuted with the rest of his hyungs and dongsaengs, he didn’t notice these two downsides. All he could focus on was the screaming of his band’s and his name whenever he appeared on a show, or when he was performing.


But the time when Eunhyuk’s “addiction to porn” – as his members had so nicely put it – had seen light, was when Eunhyuk stopped to think.


Sure, he looked at porn on a weekly, if not daily, basis, but which normal guy wouldn’t? He was 20, single, and not getting any. But he had never dwelled on the ‘not getting any’ part. He was too engrossed in the ‘this is porn’ part. But he’d never actually done it yet.


And the build up after that thought was gradual.


Sometimes he thought about the ‘not getting any’ part; sometimes he forgot. Sometimes he would think, and go further to the ‘why I am not getting any’ part, and sometimes he accepted that fact.


It was only when he chanced upon a couple, sitting on a bench and sharing a cone, that he finally admitted to himself: he was lonely.


Lonely without his family, sure, but the warmth that Leeteuk and the other members showed sometimes worked. Lonely without Junsu, whom he’d spent most of his adolescent years with, yeah, but he had Sungmin and Donghae.


Which brought him to the matter at hand. Because Donghae, was a major part in this.


The younger boy had always been around, even when Eunhyuk couldn’t yet remember the boy’s name. He had proclaimed himself as Eunhyuk’s best friend when Eunhyuk wasn’t even certain he was going to debut in Super Junior.


So it shouldn’t have come as a surprise that, when Eunhyuk had confessed to Donghae about feeling lonely without a girl to have sex with (face practically glowing red and stuttering through the entire confession), Donghae had all but shoved his naked chest into Eunhyuk’s face, stating that even though his chest was flat, he would willingly sleep with Eunhyuk.


The days after Eunhyuk’s adamant refusal was awkward for him, but Donghae only seemed more persistent.


Donghae was there waiting for him when he got home from a late night at Sukira; he was there when Eunhyuk had a day off. He was even there when Eunhyuk was ready to crawl into bed (the first few times Donghae was unceremoniously kicked out of the room, but since he kept whining the next morning before coming back again at night, Eunhyuk decided to just let him stay).


Donghae was just there.


And then Eunhyuk couldn’t take it anymore – sure, he liked Donghae, which almost bordered on love, and sometimes that love went beyond that love, but Eunhyuk had always brushed it off before anything substantial came of it.


That’s why, back to the present, Eunhyuk sat Donghae down on his bed, and asked him why.


“Why are you so insistent on letting me have s-sex with you?” Eunhyuk spat, face turning a slight pink.


“Because you said you wanted someone to have sex with!” Donghae replied smoothly, grin taking up his entire face.


“Y-yeah, but, but but, guys don’t just offer to have sex with other guys, Hae!” he almost shouted.


Eunhyuk would tell you then that he felt indignant as Donghae rolled his eyes at his outburst.


“Duh, Hyuk, you’re not just any guy,” Donghae started, standing and advancing towards Eunhuyk.


Eunhyuk took a step back.


“And I’m not just any guy,” he continued, taking a step forward for every step Eunhyuk took backwards.


Eunhyuk gulped as he felt the cold wall against his back.


Donghae smirked, placing both hands on either side of Eunhyuk’s head. “And if you really think about it, I wouldn’t call it offering to have sex with you, much more than chasing you.”


And suddenly it all dawned on Eunhyuk, because maybe he doesn’t watch as many chick flicks as Heechul, or read as many romance novels as Kibum (who, by the way, vehemently denies. He insists they’re sci-fi books, but Eunhyuk has seen more than a few cheesy love books in his dongsaeng’s collection). He hadn’t had a girlfriend before joining SM, and he didn’t have a nuna to tell him what love is all about.


But this, this was something he knew. What Donghae was telling him hit him like a light switch in his brain that got flipped on. He had a vague thought that if it were anyone other than Donghae, he probably wouldn’t have understood.


But this was Donghae, and he understood that Donghae was telling him something he’d known all along.


Eunhyuk leaned forward and pressed his lips to Donghae’s.


Donghae wanted to have sex with him. But Donghae sure as hell wasn’t going to go about looking like he was the one who wanted Eunhyuk, instead of the other way around.


Eunhyuk felt Donghae’s hand slip to the back of his neck, holding him in place as his tongue snaked out to run along his lower lip. Eunhyuk parted his lips, and just as he felt Donghae’s tongue touch his, he pulled away and leaned his forehead against the other’s.


Donghae’s eyes were still closed, breathing heavy. His tongue ran out to lick his lips, Eunhyuk’s eyes following the movement. Eunhyuk couldn't help but think Donghae was tasting him on his lips.


“So all that whining,” at this, Donghae’s eyes flew open, shooting a glare at Eunhyuk, “and sleep-overs… all so you could bed me, huh?”


The younger’s glare turned into a sheepish grin. Then his face turned serious. “I do love you. It’s not just because of sex.”


Eunhyuk chuckled, throwing his arm around Donghae’s neck and pressing a kiss to the side of his neck. “Don’t I know it.”


Donghae lifted Eunhyuk’s face up to his, kissing his forehead, then eyes, then nose, before finally settling on his red lips.


“Happy birthday, Hyuk.”


“I love you, Donghae.”


And Eunhyuk figured that, not being allowed to have a sex life outside of his stardom was fine too, because all he wanted was already here.



Here's wishing you eternal health and happiness, and I hope you find fufilment in life. Stay healthy, and don't overwork yourself! Stay my dancing machine *wink*!

행복한 24 생일, 혁이 혁이 혁이!



자기야 많이 먹어 (우가우가 x2)
Jagiya manhi meogeo (uga uga x2)

내 여자친구는 (너무 예뻐요)
Nae yeojachingu neun (neomu yeppeoyo)

내 여자친구는 (마음은 더 이뻐요)
Nae yeojachingu neun (ma-eum-eun deo-ippeoyo)

하지만 그녀에게도 단한가지 단점
Hajiman geuneo-egedo danhangaji danjeom

나보다 못한 요리 솜씨
Naboda mothan yori somssi

밥도 못해 국도 못해
Bapdo mothae gukdo mothae

이것저것 아무것도 못해
Igeot jeogeot amujeotdo mothae

라면에 물도 못 맞추고
Ramyeone moldo mot matchugo

간장인지 콜란지도 구별 못해
Ganjanginji tolranjido gubyeol mothae

너를 너무 좋아하지만
Neoreul neomu johahajiman

너를 너무 사랑하지만
Neoreul neomu saranghajiman

정말 이대로라면 (결혼은 좀...)
Jeongmal idaeroramyeon (gyeolhoneun jom…)

웬일인지 어느 날 저녁초대 한다며
Wenirinji eo-neu nal jeonyeokchodae hamdamyeo

너의 집으로 나를 불렀지 나는 기대했었지
Neo-ee jipeuro nareul bureottji naneun gidaehaesseottji

굶고 굶고 또 굶어 니가 해 줄 맛있는 저녁
Gulmgo gulmgo tto gulmeo niga hae jul masitneun jeonyeok

기대하며 상상하며 숟가락을 든 그 순간
Gidaehamyeo sangsanghamyeo sudgarageul deun geu sungan

이렇게 맛없어도 되나요(되나요)
Ireohge mateopseo-do dwinayo (dwinayo)

도대체 무얼 넣은 건가요(건가요
Dodaeche mu-eol neoh-eun geongayo (geongayo)

차라리 내가 눈을 감고 만든게
Charari naega nuneul gamgo mandeunge

더 나을 것만 같아요
Deo na-eul geotman gatayo

맛이 어떠냐 내게 묻네요(묻네요)
Massi eo-tteonya naege mutneyo (mutneyo)

또 내게 무슨 힘이 있나요(있나요)
Tto naege museun himi itnayo (itnayo)

정말 맛있다라고 했더니 그녀
Jeongmal masitdarago haetdeoni geunyeo

웃으며 한 그릇 더 주네요 나 살려줘
Useumyeo han geureut deo juneyo na saryeojwo

며칠 동안 그녀 아무연락 없고
Myeochil dongan geunyeo amuyeonrak eobtgo

그녀친구 통해 안 그녀의 소식
Geunyeochingu tonghae an geunyeo-ee sosik

영어(애플) 일어(아노) 중국어(라이라이)학원을
Yeongeo (I’m full) ireo (anou) jungukeo (lailai) hak-woneul

다니느라 (시간 없다) 하네요
Danineura (sigan eobtda) haneyo

그런 그녀 갑자기 내게 연락해 왔죠
Geureon geunyeo gapjagi naege yeonrakhae watjyo

다시 한번 더 저녁 초대를 하겠다네요
Dasi hanbeon deo jeonyeok chodaereul hagedaneyo

난 괜찮다 배부르다 말을 했지만
Nan gwaen-chantda baebureuda mareul haetjiman

혹시나 하는 그런 마음으로 너에게 달려갔는데
Hoksina haneun geureon ma-eum-euro neo-ege daryeogatneunde

이렇게 맛있어도 되나요(되나요)
Ireohge matisseo-do dwinayo (dwinayo)

이게 사람이 만든 건가요(건가요)
Ige sarami mandeun geongayo (geongayo)

이런게 있다는 소문도 나는 들어 본적도 없는데
Ireonge itdaneun somundo naneun deureo bonjeokdo eobtneunde

맛이 어떠냐 내게 묻네요(묻네요)
Masi eotteonya naege mutneyo (mutneyo)

눈물을 흘리며 난 말했죠(말했죠)
Nunmureul heurimyeo nan malhaetjyo (malhaetjyo)

머리에 털나고 이렇게 맛있는 요리는 난
Meori-e teolnago ireohge masitneun yorineun nan


알고 보니 그녀는 나를 위해서
Algo boni geunyeoneun nareul wihaeseo

요리학원을 다녔던 거죠 나는 그것도 모른 채
Yorihakwoneul danyeotdeon geojyo naneun geujeotdo moreun chae

이렇게 맛없어도(아니지)
Ireohge mateopseo-do (aniji)

이렇게 맛있어도(그렇지) 되나요(되나요)
Ireohge matisseo-do (geureohji) dwinayo (dwinayo)

이게 사람이 만든 건가요(건가요)
Ige sarami mandeun geongayo (geongayo)

이런게 있다는 소문도 나는 들어 본적도 없는데
Ireonge itdaneun somundo naneun deureo bonjeokdo eobtneunde

맛이 어떠냐 내게 묻네요(묻네요)
Masi eotteonya naege mutneyo (mutneyo)

눈물을 흘리며 난 말했죠(말했죠)
Nunmureul heurimyeo nan malhaetjyo (malhaetjyo)

머리에 털 나고 이렇게 맛있는 요리는 난
Meori-e teol nago ireohge masittneun yorineun nan


자기야 배불러?
Jagiya baebureo?


Don't Don

동해                이대로 끝이면 기회가 없다면
                        Idaero kkeutimyuhn gihwega uhbdamyuhn
                        모두가 틀렸다고 말하고 있어
                        Moduga teullyuhddago marhago issuh
려욱                코메디 같은 세상에
                        Komadi gateun sesange
                        웃지 못 할 사람들
                        Wootji mothal saramdeul
                        넌더리가 나
                        Nuhnduhriga na
모두                돈돈! 모든 게 돈 세상
                        Don't! Don! Modeun ge don sesang
                        원 안에 갇힌 너 What is your mind
                        Won ane gadhin nuh What is your mind
혁, 범, 신        (You outta control, what is your mind)
모두                제발 주위를 돌아 봐
                        Jebal juwireul dorabwa
                        절망의 눈 빛이 보이잖아
                        Juhlmangui nunbichi boijanha
혁, 범, 신        (Stop bangin' my head, my eyes gone red)
성민                점점 멀어지는 걸
                        Juhmjuhm muhruhjineunguhl
                        그대로 충분한 세상
                        Geudaero chungbunhan sesang
                        이미 가진 걸로 다 기쁜 세상
                        Imi gajinguhllo da gippeunsesang
한경                꿈꾸던 사람들이
                        Kkumkkuduhn saramdeuri
                        하나 둘 씩 떠나버려도
                        Hanadoolsshik dduhnabuhryuhdo
희철                변하지 않네
                        Byunhaji anhne
은혁                The world is mine   내가 이 세계의 법이야
                        The world is mine   Naega ee segyeui buhbiya
                        그들이 행복하기만을
                        Geudeuri haengbokhagimaneul
                        기다렸을 때
                        Gidaryuhsseul ddae
혁, 범               어느 누구보다
                         Uhneu nuguboda
                        먼저 기회를 잡은 것일 뿐
                        Muhnjuh gihwereul jabeun gushil ppun

기범                약자를 위한
                        Yakjareul wihan
                        배려 따윈 절대 없어
                        Baeryuh ddawin juhldae uhbsuh
시윈                나의 불꽃을 다 태워서라도
                        Naui boolkkocheul da taewuhsuhrado
                        포기할 수 없어
                        Pogihal soo uhbsuh
규현                 저 들의 것이 아닌
                         Juhdeurui guhshi anin
                         우리 아이들의 세상을
                         Woori aideurui sesangeul
Henry              Instrumental
혁, 범, 신        그래도 너무 원망 하지마
                        Geuraedo nuhmu wuhnmang hajima
                        내가 아냐
                        Naega anya
                        세상이 널 그렇게 만든거야
                        Sesangi nuhl geuruhke mandeunguhya
철, 특              내가 원했던 건 나는 모두 가져
                        Naega wuhnhaedduhn guhn naneun modu gajyuh
                        세상이 나를 외면 하여도
                        Sesangi nareul wemyuhn hayuhdo
                        눈과 귀를 막고
                        Nungwa gwireul makgo
                        어지럽게 만들어 버릴
                        Uhjiruhpge mandeuruh buhril
                        적당한 머리와
                        Juhkdanghan muhriwa
                        돈이 조금 필요할 뿐
                        Doni jogeum piryohal ppoon
강인                나의 불꽃을 다 태워서라도
                        Naui boolkkocheul da taewuhsuhrado
                        지켜주고 싶어
                        Jikyuhjugo shipuh
예성                혼돈의 시대 끝에 살아가야 할
                        Hwandonui shidae kkeute saragaya hal
                        내 아이를 위해서라면
                        Nae aireul wihaesuhramyuhn
모두                돈돈! 모든 게 돈 세상
                        Don't! Don! Modeun ge don sesang
                        원 안에 갇힌 너 What is your mind
                        Won ane gadhin nuh What is your mind
혁, 범, 신        (You outta control, what is your mind)
모두                제발 주위를 돌아 봐
                        Jebal juwireul dorabwa
                        절망의 눈 빛이 보이잖아
                        Juhlmangui nunbichi boijanha
혁, 범, 신        (Stop bangin' my head, my eyes gone red)
모두                돈돈! 이젠 그만 좀 해
                        Don't! Don! ijen geuman jom hae
                       위선의 가면도 벗어버려
                        Wisuhnui gamyuhndo buhsuhbuhryuh
혁, 범, 신       벗어버려 니 가식의 가면도
                       Buhsuhbuhryuh ni gashigui gamyuhndo
모두               모두 기다리고 있어
                        Modu gidarigo issuh
                        마지막 바램도 버리지마
                        Majimak baraemdo buhrijima
                        던져버려 니 그 가식의 가면도
                        Duhnjyuhbuhryuh ni geu gashigui gamyuhndo
희철                SUPER JUNIOR!



The difference between guys and girls

Many of you may have heard this before, but:

--- "EH! You have dirt on your elbow!"



--- "Your sole's dirtay, man."



--- "Eee... Your fingers dirty dirty one."



Yah, so.



Train(s) of thought

--- While scanning old files for my office. After scanning, they are to be thrown away. ---

'Ah yah, die. Forgot in what order the papers are.'

'Ah yah, heck lah, also going to throw away liao.'

'Cannot say like that lah. So inconsiderate.'

'That's quite true. But I don't like this place. If I did, I would put in my effort. But since I don't, too bad.'

'Wah lao, what kind of person are you man? No wonder no one like you.'

*Sulk* 'Yah lor. Why no one like me. I'm not say very not nice what.'

'Yes you are. Just for this little thing you also not willing to work hard.'

'Eh, it's not easy lah! You come try lah, you so smart!'

'I am doing it. And I'm not complaining.'

'That's because I'm the one doing it, not you.'

'It's the same thing lah.'

'Che, whatever.'


'I'm talking to myself. This is like, the "this is your conscience" types of stupid stories I read on FF.net. I think I'll blog about this.'


'How should I blog it? Should it be this format? Yes, yes, then my "conscience" is in italics.'


'Hm... very smart, very smart. Keke.'


'Oh shit. I'm thinking about how to blog about stuff WHILE they're happening! Shit, the blog test I took last time is so gone.'

--- While on the bus home. One girl in front of me, was walking past the four-seater. I was going to sit after her. She suddenly stopped and took the seat I was gonna take. ---

'Wah lao, tamade, neh neh. Walk past walk past lah.'


'Dammit. This pole hurts.'

--- Walking the short distance back home from the bus stop. This Hillgrove Sec girl and guy are walking ahead of me. They are not walking together, but it looks like they are together but the girl is angry with the guy and ignoring him. ---


'This girl... don't look too thin. But she also don't look fat leh.'


'Her body shape very funny.'

- The guy overtakes me. He has a small smile on his face oO.

'Are they together?'

'Don't think so. But maybe they are, and they're fighting.'


'But cannot be leh. The girl wearing headphones.'

- They turn left while I continue walking straight.



And today I was talking to my colleague, and I said, "Uh, is this ingoing or outgoing?"

"In, in."


I stall.

Oh shit. I just said ingoing. It's meant to be incoming! Die, die, my english goned. And my engrish is suppose to be good. Lao, now I super sadded.

I'm in Mass Comm, my life revolve around engrish now!

Kill me, someone. Anyone.

"Did you know?

F = Foxtrot
G = Golf
H = Hotel
I = India
J = Juliet